Types of Digital Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing: 13 Top Types You Can’t-Miss

9. Online Public Relations – Relationship marketing:

Online PR is the process of obtaining legitimate online press through online publications, blogs, and other content-based websites. It is similar to conventional public relations, with the exception that it is done online. You can utilize the following channels to make the most of your public relations efforts:

– Social media reporter outreach:

Talking to journalists on Twitter, for instance, is a great way to establish a rapport with the media and open up opportunities for your brand to receive earned media coverage.

– Getting your company’s internet reviews to engage:

Your initial reaction might be to ignore any online reviews of your company, positive or negative. Contrarily, engaging corporate evaluations enable you to personalize your brand and deliver strong messaging that protects your reputation.

– Creating interesting comments on your own website or blog: 

The best way to start a meaningful conversation about your industry is to respond to people who are reading your content in the same way that you would respond to reviews of your company.

Digital Marketing
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